Versatile Blogger, Me?!

I’ve just been very kindly awarded the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ by Marilyn over at Serendipity , so a huge thank you to her! Do go and check out her blog if you haven’t already!

Just a few months ago I had very few followers and absolutely no idea of how to get my work ‘out there’, so after playing around with settings and putting more effort into reading and following other blogs it’s really nice to know that people read and enjoy my work. It does come as a surprise to me still that people respond to it so well and receiving awards is something that I never in a million years imagined would happen! I don’t want to get too sentimental, but I’ve always been one of those invisible people that lacked the ability to get work noticed so it’s always a pleasant surprise, and a really nice confidence boost, when someone notices my work and is kind enough to let me know! So on that note I am going to thank Mike again for the earlier award as well!



I try to keep my blog and posts versatile, and when I get a bee in my bonnet about something I can’t rest until I’ve written about it! I’ll be the first to admit that my posts are often rambling rants full of tangents, but it works like therapy! There’s something soothing about being able to get stuff off your chest and share your rants with the world wide web, even if no one’s actually reading! I didn’t imagine that anyone would follow or read my university blog other than lecturers marking my work! But rather than limit it to just being about university coursework I decided to…well…be more versatile I guess! And it’s really nice to know that people are reading, and most of all enjoying what they read.

Like all awards there are certain rules, and these are :

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, name the bloggers to whom you would like to pass the award and send them a link to tell them you’ve selected them.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself,

So 7 things about myself…this will probably take me a lot longer than it should but I will try my hardest to make them things I haven’t already said! So here goes…

  1. I am unfortunate enough to be one of the ‘one in one thousand’ people born with tinnitus as a result of a congenital hearing loss. It’s very annoying at times, but for the most part I can ignore it! 
  2. I’ve inadvertently prank called the emergency services twice…the first time was when I was a baby. The second time I was working in a shoe shop and a customer asked me if we had a particular pair of shoes in stock in one of our other stores. I had to phone said other store but must have got the number wrong because when I asked if they had the shoes in stock, the woman on the other end replied “Uh, this is the Cheshire Police!”
  3. I was a horrible child, do not be fooled by how angelic I looked! I told one kid that I would rip his lips off if he tried to kiss me or my cousin again (in fairness he was chasing us around the house kissing us) and I told another kid in a park that I’d rip his face off if he kicked my ball again. To top it all I gave attitude to a police man from my child-seat in the back of my grandparents car when I was 2! I believe my words were “Oh what does he want now?!”
  4. I still haven’t grown out of my fear of the dark, and although I’ve progressed to being able to sleep with the door closed and all the lights off I still slip sideways into the living room with my back against the wall so I can turn the light on without turning my back on the dark room…because who knows what could be lurking in there?!
  5. My brother and me used to have really weird names for things when we were kids; we used to call peacocks ‘Hula-Hoop Birds’ and Woodlice ‘Cheese Hogs’. Hula-Hoop Bird came from when we were feeding the peacocks hula-hoops at a zoo, but I’ve no idea where ‘Cheese Hogs’ came from!
  6. As a kid I got tonsillitis every time  we went on holiday! I also managed to fall face first into a puddle, and consequently got tonsillitis the following day…that happened twice!
  7. I love animals and although I’m working towards a career in the media, my ultimate dream is still to work with animals and I would love to one day set up my own rescue centre.

And finally for the nominations! I’m not sure how many blogs I’m supposed to choose but I’ll just pick some that I think are deserving of this award…


25 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger, Me?!

    1. It’s awful isn’t it! But it’s been 19 years now, most of the time I don’t even notice it. I used to think it was what silence sounded like when I was a kid! haha


  1. Thank you very kindly, Natasha (btw, a name I was always intrigued with). That’s most generous and I am honored.

    Born with tinnitus? Wow. I developed that condition after I crossed into my fifth decade. I thought I’d go quite mad listening to when it all began. Luckily, one day I could start to ignore it. Wakes me up sometimes from a sound sleep, but now I can just turn over and head back into sleep.


    1. No worries 🙂 you’re welcome 😀
      Yeah, had it all my life!! I used to think that that was what silence sounded like haha it gets easy to ignore after a while, it is maddening though isn’t it!!


      1. Ah crap, just realised that I’m in the house alone and the wind is blowing outside and it’s raining (I’ve already looked out the window to see what those strange noises were) with my over-active imagination…Goodbye cruel world!


    1. I would say something like ‘I’ll come and save you’ but, it’s dark…and thanks to my last post everyone now knows how I feel about that! Plus I’m a complete chicken!
      Good luck though 😉


      1. lol well I have none of those things…apart from lights who doesn’t have lights?! So I’m well and truly screwed!
        Can’t even fit in the wardrobe to hide any more D:
        Well, it was nice knowing you!


      2. I’d tell Wilson to go and save you but, a) he’s afraid of the dark and won’t go out in the rain and b) he’s got to stay here and save me! Sorry mate!! So it’s been nice knowing you as well!! 😉


    2. I hope so! 😉
      Adios, sleep well and all that rubbish! I need my beauty sleep (and a LOT of it…it’s yet to work!)
      I would miss you if you got murdered in your sleep, so don’t 😀


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