“Most Films Now are Stupid” – My rant about Hollywood money making, and lazy film goers

cinema-superman-500pxI get a bit tired of people whining about films like Twilight, or long running franchises that don’t seem to end but continue to get worse. If I had a pound for the amount of times I’ve answered the question ‘Why do they keep making the same old things? Why not come up with something new?” with a simple ‘because it makes money’ I would have at least three pounds!

Like everything these days, the film industry is predominantly about money. That is of course when you’re talking Hollywood. If you want unique films that don’t fit the Hollywood mould and aren’t just the same films being churned out day by day then you need to look elsewhere.

I saw a Yahoo! Answers question the other day that got my back up somewhat, as a huge fan of world and independent cinema. It went something along the lines of ‘why are most movies stupid now?’ and went on to list loads of recent Hollywood films like The Amazing Spiderman and 21 Jumpstreet, claiming that young people these days watch complete rubbish. My answer was simple: amazing-spider-man-new512012-posterYou’re watching the wrong films.

In my opinion you don’t go and watch Hollywood films if you get pissed off by cliches and cheesiness, but so many people are totally against watching anything that’s (god forbid) low budget or independent, or anything that doesn’t hit the mainstream (i.e. the cinema). A lot of people probably wouldn’t dream of checking out local film festivals for independent films, or renting and watching anything that isn’t mainstream, and don’t even get me started on people’s avoidance of any film with subtitles!

Now don’t get me wrong, Hollywood produces some fantastic films regularly, in fact I wouldn’t say the good ones are an exception at all.

I’m probably preaching to the choir at the moment because I know that the vast majority of the people that read this blog are like minded (because I read theirs also) and probably feel exactly the same!

I frequent my local DVD rental shop when I’m at home in Devon regularly, and usually rent at least two films a week. It’s a small little building full of films from the brand new to the really old. It’s like a treasure trove for me, I love it there! There’s something so satisfying about picking out an actual, solid DVD rather than flicking through pages on iTunes when you fancy a film for the evening. One day my boyfriend and I went in after the release of REC 3 Genesis (the third instalment of the Spanish REC franchise which turned out to be God awful!) and when we asked if they had it in yet, the person working there explained that they’d lose money if they bought it in because no one rents foreign films because they don’t like reading subtitles. So in other words they’ll wait for Hollywood to remake the series (which technically they already have) and then moan about how cheesy and unoriginal Hollywood films are.

facepalmhomerNow is the time to point out that most foreign films have the option to watch it dubbed, so no subtitle reading necessary! *face-palm*

It worries me slightly that so many great foreign films get pushed under the radar and ignored. I was surprised by the sheer amount of people ignorant to the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when the (admittedly very good) remake came out last year. What worries me even more is that the original Swedish film had only been out a mere two years before Hollywood pounced on it. So when people complain about the cheesy rubbish coming out of Hollywood, what they really mean is ‘I can’t be bothered to look elsewhere and think outside the box’.

Anyway, I digress! The point of this rambling rant was to express my irritation with cinema-goers who constantly complain about Hollywood films being boring and unoriginal, because I’d be willing to bet money that they are the same types of people who refuse to watch world cinema, or indeed independent films, out of what is essentially laziness. I love to indulge in a cheesy Hollywood film every now and then, and I will be rushing to the cinema in April when Iron Man 3 comes out, I just hate it when it comes to leaving the cinema and one of the friends in the group is moaning about how cliche and awful these big budget, popular films are. They make money. Who doesn’t want lots of money? Why would The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)filmmakers who have the ability to be working in Hollywood not want to make something big budget and conventional that they know will make millions at the box office? There is always an audience out there willing to pay good money to see those kinds of films, so of course they’re going to keep making them. If you get pissed off with cliche Hollywood blockbusters, don’t watch them…look elsewhere, don’t moan about how ‘all films these days are stupid’.

Rant over!


13 thoughts on ““Most Films Now are Stupid” – My rant about Hollywood money making, and lazy film goers

  1. Hey you – I don’t know if it’s available where you live but you should check out my post for today – this might be something that interests you : )

    I don’t normally post links to my site on other people’s site because I want YOU to get all of the attention –

    I think you’d like this one : )


  2. Good to see you making these points, but also acknowledging that Hollywood can be good – so many people go outright against Hollywood on this debate! Nice post 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 yeah it’s too difficult to say one way or another cos Hollywood is so vast, and some pretty decent stuff does come out of it…and you’ve gotta love a bit of cheesy mainstream trash every now and then! 😉


  3. I try to remind people the majority of movies ever made, not only in Hollywood, are crap. They fill the vast maw of entertainment … mindless entertainment for everyone because no one wants to think all the time (except the very young and they too will soon discover the joys of employing movies as a self-inflicted pre-frontal lobotomy). I was much more serious when I was younger. Now I am frivolous but NOT stupid or without taste. Bad remakes of great movies piss me off. Does someone really think they will find a better cast for Casablanca? Or Inherit the Wind? Why bother? Surely there are writers and material aplenty? There’s a place for The Avengers (I loved it) and a place for Flight (loved it, but it wasn’t fuzzy love). However: the history of film has never been one great piece of art after another. It has always been mostly junk, plus a few terrific movies, then more crap. Just like in the book world. No one forces anyone to watch/read/view anything. Someone DOES go to see the crap (mostly). So someone(s) must like it.


    1. That’s what I mean, people love the crap so why wouldn’t they continue to produce it…same for remakes (even though I despise them) it’s a sure fire way to earn money. If I’ve learned nothing else since starting a course in production it’s that producers and filmmakers, if they can, will produce the mainstream stuff for the money. It’s a business after all…just like any other source of income…an artist wouldn’t paint stuff that the masses wouldn’t be interested in.
      It grates when people like this guy (whom I don’t even know) ask things like ‘why are films these days so crap’ because honestly they’re looking in the wrong places…focusing on the hyped films like Twilight and such. Most actual good films these days don’t hit the cinemas because the masses want the trash. It’s like the same reason Big Brother and The Xfactor overshadow decent dramas on the TV. When you’re not a part of the mainstream audience, you have to look else where…thankfully the passive, hypodermic-needle audience no longer exists (if it ever did!) and we can choose freely…I really want to stop hearing people moaning when I come out of the cinema from watching Iron Man, about how awful all these films are…for one, they’re not because they’re very successful with how much money they make!
      There’s a lot of very good films out there, certain directors, indie films and especially world cinema, I think generally there’s a lot of good in most films even if it’s slight like the costume is well thought out…really really awful films are unusual…if ever I’m asked to name a film I’ve seen that I thought was really bad, I usually can’t think of anything. That could just be me being optimistic! I like to look for the good in everything I watch…as best I can xD


  4. Good rant, I’d swear more but that’s just me 😀

    This is my argument over Dredd. Good film, nobody went to see it. Around that time Resident evil came out, terrible film. and made a butt load. Sickens me!

    I actually make it a point to shame movie bloggers who said it was great on DVD but didn’t go see it. One had the nerve to say why doesn’t Hollywood make more action films like this. I was in shock! You, you’re the f***ing reason ass!

    See swearing ;D


    1. Haha I would usually swear more but I wanted to keep it clean 😉
      It’s so annoying isn’t it! I just hate when I go to the cinema with a group of friends and someone has to be all like ‘it’s rubbish why don’t they make something different?’…because it makes money!
      Made me laugh though one of my friends when we went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 was moaning about how it ‘wasn’t Sherlock Holmes at all’…not only is it called artistic licence but I swear down if it was like traditional SH she’d have moaned about it being unoriginal!!


      1. Haha that sounds about right. Complaining about a bad film can sometimes be difficult. It’s hard not to start wondering into the lazy descriptions of whats wrong with it.

        “Unoriginal” Technically everything is unoriginal, because pretty much everything has been done in some form or another 😀


  5. You can literally replace the word “Hollywood” throughout this rant with “Bollywood” and it would be word for word what I tell everyone who have a negative and stereotypical impression of the Indian Film Industry.

    People don’t get that THEY are the ones the movies are being made for. As much as the makers might be responsible for producing gratuitous and exploitative crap… the audience is just as much to blame for consuming it. If ‘crap’ didn’t make money, there wouldn’t be ‘crap: the sequel’. More so than makers, I think it’s audience that are more responsible, considering we’re the ones making a movie a financial success or failure. There’s flip sides to it as well, when genius films, are considered ‘flops’ due to not enough profits.

    The only way around this is for cine goers to expand their horizons. I’m to blame too, however I go by word of mouth for stuffy I usually wouldn’t watch. A LOT of the English movies I watch now, are through recommendations. The inter-webs has given us a kick ass resource to find out about the most obscurest movies that may be awesome. So there’s no more excuses.


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