Girls-Season 2 Finale “Sometimes I love you the way that like, I feel sorry for a monkey”

girlsSeason two of the HBO comedy drama Girls, written by and starring Lena Dunham, came to a close this weekend with the tenth and final episode.

This series has been an emotional roller coaster, and has drifted away from the crude comedy of the first series. Although at times I was disheartened by the lack of comedy, this final episode was a brilliant conclusion.

Girls is a comedy drama focusing on the lives of a small group of friends that circle around protagonist Hannah’s life. Hannah is a struggling writer, unsure of where her path will take her and reliant upon her friends and parents for sustenance while she struggles to hold down a job.

The thing I love about Girls is the fact that it’s not just a girly comedy, it’s about real people and it’s cleverly written. Dunham 0109-hbo-girls-630x420seems to just get young people and she draws upon realistic flaws in people to create a moving and ultimately funny drama. All the characters are flawed, but in a way that we can relate to. I would assume that Girls, despite the name, would appeal to men and women alike. It avoids the gender cliches and conventions that are usually relied upon and it’s a well rounded, realistic and fresh approach to television.

The final episode didn’t disappoint and it’s left me very excited for a third series! Although series 2 took a more serious and sometimes miserable route, that’s ultimately more realistic, right? In life we all have ups and downs and I found I related quite a lot to what was happening to the characters come the final episode, to the point where it actually brought a tear to my eye! Life isn’t always happy and easy, and Girls doesn’t try to convince us that it is.

11GIRLS-articleLargeIn my opinion it’s one of the best shows on television right now. Dunham is hugely talented and Girls is brilliantly well written. I’m very much looking forward to the third series, and hopefully many more to come! It’s one of those shows where the characters become so familiar you feel like you know them.


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