David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

David Bowie is probably my favourite musician, I’m a bit obsessive really; Labyrinth is my favourite film of all time, I have a Bowie t-shirt, poster and a huge hard back ‘album to album’ book. It’s all thanks to my dad really!

Anyway, this is the first music video I’ve actually watched all the way through, usually I just listen to the music, and it completely blew me away. For a start it’s such a weird and wonderful concept. Secondly it’s filmed like a short film instead of a music video, it’s narrative based, it’s got Tilda Swinton in it and the shots and colours are great!

The song itself is pretty catchy, it has a similar sound to  a lot of his older work which I suppose might be the point! I wasn’t massively keen on the single released on his birthday ‘Where are We Now’, it’s ok but it’s quite slow. This song captures his more upbeat, catchy music but with, as always, brilliantly written, meaningful lyrics.

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album in the near future. It’s been a long time coming but he’s finally back!


6 thoughts on “David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

      1. I have 🙂 I couldn’t get past the fact that characters in a film set in the late 90’s *didn’t know* who sang ‘Heroes’…since by then Bowie was pretty big lol but there we go…as if it would’ve taken them that long to find out too! haha


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