Ferocious’ Saskatoon Premiere is a Sell Out


New indie thriller Ferocious premiered in Saskatoon, where it was filmed. It’s set to be premiered all over Saskatoon and New Westminster all this week and so far has gone down well!

522760_432157736869232_1303079828_nSince it’s screening at the Calgary International FIlm Festival, Robert Cuffley’s new thriller has been a huge success, and this is its second run.

It is the story of a young television star, played by Amanda Crew, who has to go back to her home town in order to retrieve and dispose of an incriminating sex tape that promises to destroy her career as a television good-girl.

Ferocious will be opening in 13 cities, running at The Globe cinema until the 14th of March.


I want my photo taken with Kim Coates :(
I want my photo taken with Kim Coates 😦

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