Ferocious, Canada 2012; Cannot wait for this to come out in the UK!!

885781_430624163689256_1549753626_oFerocious is a new independent film directed by Robert Cuffley set in Saskatoon, Canada. It stars Amanda Crew, Dustin Milligan and Kim Coates.

Call me shallow but the only reason I know about this film is because of Kim Coates, who I am somewhat infatuated with thanks to Sons of Anarchy. But that aside it looks like a good film! It’s just been screened in Canada, and I am hoping it will hit the UK, or at least be available to rent or buy online, sometime soon.

Amanda Crew stars as Leigh Parrish, a successful actress on a trip home to visit her small town roots. While dodging the careful eye of her manager (Dustin Milligan), Leigh, steps out from the lights and cameras and into the shadows of her old life, confronting her unsavory past and ex-employer, Maurice (Kim Coates).

I’ve no idea when this will be released, but I’m very much looking forward to it! Here’s some pictures from the film…

858034_423398061078533_647478698_o 856185_424997617585244_1569649209_o 622176_368174219934251_1248972082_o 621093_347357068682633_315308949_o 462335_354254571326216_1806742196_o 426428_427512874000385_462223692_n 178449_380745175343822_814015420_o

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