“Canadian actor Kim Coates revels in playing complicated villains” – article

Canadian actor Kim Coates revels in playing complicated villains.

89729-sons-of-anarchy-kim-coates-alex-tig-tragerThought I’d share this on here, for no reason really other than Kim Coates is one of my favourite actors and I found it rather interesting! (click the link above to read the article) The fact he refuses point blank to play a sociopath unless the character has layers speaks volumes about him in my opinion, and it’s probably why despite being a sex mad,vicious, murdering creep in Sons of Anarchy, his character Tig is still my favourite. There’s depth to his characters, and his acting is amazing! It’s a shame he doesn’t get many leading roles really and the only films I’ve seen him in are Silent Hill and Goon. He’s massively underrated as an actor which is such a shame, but I’m looking forward to the two indie films mentioned in this article for sure, I just hope they are available in England soon!

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