Reflection 4 P2P Completion

 – our People to People presentation

Upon completion of our People to People project, I feel fairly confident of the quality of the final documentary. As a group I feel we worked well together and produced a visually pleasing and interesting piece. I think the edit is successful, we regularly got together as a group, watched the film through and suggested improvements and were able to give constructive criticisms and improvements when needed.

To assist with the editing process, I suggested improvements and helped research ways of doing things to utilise the footage we had as best we could and I rewrote some of the subtitles that didn’t flow as smoothly once translated to English so that they were easy to read and made sense.

We regularly met up as a group and watched the piece at various stages of editing so that we could discuss changes and improvements, I suggested a few small tweaks and mainly helped with the subtitles however because it was a very personal project for Meera it didn’t seem right or possible to have had much input into the editing and we were only able to suggest improvements and help with certain things rather than be hands-on with the process.

I learned a lot about interviewing techniques and what makes an interesting documentary through this module but also I learned a lot about time management and organisation through producing the documentary. I booked the equipment, and because we weren’t sure what we wanted and kept changing our minds I ended up booking things separately and having five or six separate bookings instead of one and not only did I learn that this annoys the people at the loan shop, but also that it isn’t a particularly organised way to go about it, and next time it would be better to book nearer the time when all equipment is decided on.



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