Saturday Film Talk at Warwick Arts Centre: Korean Cinema

538151_500768006636767_297435859_n“Korean cinema is one of the most dynamic, diverse and exciting national cinemas in the world today, with internationally revered productions ranging from action movies to costume dramas, physical comedies to nerve jangling horror and some arresting contemporary social dramas.

Professor Jinhee Choi of Kings College University, London guides us through the origins and spectrum of new Korean cinema, the work of directors such as Kim Ki-duk and Park Chan-wook and introduces a complete screening of Joon-ho Bong’s 2009 drama, Mother.”

Coventry University East Asian Film Society were asked along to this event to cover the talk. We recorded the entire talk using an Edirol, took photo’s and wrote about the day; I reviewed the film Mother which was screened after the talk. 

As a fan of Asian cinema I found the talk really interesting and learned a lot about Korean cinema that I didn’t previously know. Professor Choi talked about the themes in Korean cinema, and how lots of Korean films are about the North/South divide. We looked at clips from lots of examples of Korean cinema from different directors, some of which I’d seen, most of which are on my ‘must watch’ list now!

Choi talked about a number of directors important to Korean cinema such as Joon-ho Bong and their impact on cinema in Korea. sp-01

A lot of Korean cinema follows themes of the North South divide but also with their distrust for the government and police, as shown in Mother which was screened after the talk, in which an old woman resorts to doing the polices’ work for them in order to prove her son innocent of murder.

Choi explained that a lot of Korean horror directors are female, which is something that interested me as a horror fan and aspiring filmmaker myself.

The talk was very interesting, and shed a lot of light on the themes in Korean cinema. I’ve come away with a big list of films that I want to watch as well!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Film Talk at Warwick Arts Centre: Korean Cinema

  1. Being into Korean cinema (and specifically Korean horror), I love this post!! Fascinating about the horror directors being more female, I didn’t know that and never would’ve actually thought that. Thanks so much for sharing!


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