Reflection 2 P2P Research

My individual people to people idea was about my grandad, who played motorcycle football for England. The best research was talking to him and to other family members about what he did, I got information from him about locations and dates, and what the hobby entailed. I probably could have done more research, and I should have conducted a little bit more research into the sport by looking at online resources to verify what he was saying. However I think I did a reasonable job of researching and finding information. I put the information into my treatment and into other blog posts about the project.

When we got into groups we chose Meera’s idea as her Grandad was coming all the way from India to shoot the film. Most of the research and planning was underway, but as a group we did conduct research mainly online about the things her grandad would be talking about. This helped us again to verify what he was saying and get a good idea about what the mood and feel of the film should be. We allocated different jobs for the stages of planning and production and recorded what we’d found. As a group I think we did a good job of recording research and planning the film, however to improve we could include a bit more secondary research.


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