Reflection 3 P2P Shoot

on-setWe shot our group documentary on Friday 15th, it went well eventually but we had some set backs at the start. We organised ourselves well and all had jobs to do during shooting which made the day run smoothly.

We booked three different microphones and an edirol so we had back up to ensure the sound was good quality, and thank god we did because after shooting the whole thing the first time we noticed that there was a hissing noise on all the videos. We panicked a bit but after flapping about like headless chickens for a minute we simply plugged the boom mic into the edirol instead and it worked perfectly. The second time around was actually better because our subject was more relaxed and knew exactly what to say.

It would have been beneficial if as a group we could’ve gone to the location the day before to check out the surroundings and plan around that as we had a few issues with the equipment and it would’ve saved time on the day, instead we set up in the morning a few hours before we were due to shoot which unfortunately meant a bit of waiting around.

Overall it went well, we got some good shots and managed to fix the sound, and we did it all in a surprisingly short amount of time.


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