161MC Mash Up task

Our mash up for 161 MC coursework.

We wanted to create a mash-up trailer so we could include all our work for the first modules and clips from other films and Youtube videos. We chose a ‘student film’ idea because it relates to our work and also is quite humorous with Quentin Tarantino saying he wishes he could make the movie himself!

We all sourced videos from Youtube that we thought would work and posted them into our Facebook group so they could be downloaded and used in the final video. We thought a dramatic piece of music used in many film trailers would work and the dramatic element adds to the humour.

The video is slightly under the time limit of 3 to 5 minutes, we originally had a video that was just over 3 minutes but it ended twice and detracted from the overall effect so we chose to cut some of the unnecessary clips from the end to shorten it and make the ending better.

Overall it works quite well, it’s lighthearted and funny but it looks good and almost makes sense and looks fairly realistic. The ending titles with the Twitter link and release date help make it look like it could be a real trailer.

Mash up – Rise of the SFM from Meera Darji on Vimeo.

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