Reflection 1 My Poetic Eyes

I enjoyed the my poetic eyes project, I feel really strongly about the subject I chose and was keen to express that. I used to write a lot of poetry but nothing serious, so the writing side was challenging for me and I’m not particularly keen on the finished poem as a piece of writing.
What’s there to like about the archive footage?! Let’s be honest, it’s horrible! However I think that makes the piece more powerful, and I’m happy with the use of titles to emphasise certain words and I think they make it more hard-hitting. I didn’t search long and hard for the perfect footage, I wanted to watch as few of these kinds of videos as I could! I watched a documentary about the fur trade when I was younger, and some of the images stuck with me so I chose to use footage that had affected me in the hopes that it would be equally as powerful for the audience.
All footage of the fur trade is bad quality because it’s all shot with hidden cameras, so unfortunately it’s very pixelated and not as clear as I would’ve liked, but I wanted to use video instead of photo’s as it’s more hard hitting.
The clarity of the sound is reasonably good, like most people I hate hearing my own voice on recordings but I think I read it well…I was trying to keep my voice down because I didn’t want my housemates to hear me reciting morbid poetry in my room, but the microphone picked it up quite well!
I think the finished thing is ok, it’s neither ‘really good’ nor particularly bad so I’m happy with it but I’d quite like to do it again and spend a bit more time trying to perfect it.

My Poetic Eyes from Natasha Harmer on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Reflection 1 My Poetic Eyes

  1. It is! That’s why I made this piece…I don’t like watching it but I’ve always felt a strong urge to try and do something about it, I’ve always had this thing about animals, and for me personally I like to keep myself informed about what goes on by watching this kind of stuff. I made myself cry when I was watching the footage to download! It is definitely embarrassing, makes me ashamed to be human!


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