5 Ideas: A New Idea

I don’t think my five ideas ever quite made it to five anyway…but recently I’ve been thinking about another idea to add to the mix after being inspired by a short film I found on Youtube:


I was born with tinnitus, and its one of those things thats really hard to explain. When you’ve been to a concert you get temporary ringing in your ears, that’s normal every now and then…but imagine it all the time. Its something that’s crossed my mind a few times, making a film be it short or even feature length, with a high pitched ringing all the way through on the soundtrack. The idea has always interested me because that’s what life sounds like to me all the time, it would almost be like adding a new dimension to the sounds in the film, getting people to experience the same sort of thing. young people spend a lot of time with headphones in with music far too loud, or in clubs or live music venues not even thinking about the damage they’re doing, so it’d be interesting to create a film aimed at said young people and give them the experience of tinnitus just for the films duration. Who knows it might even make people think about how loud their music is! I stumbled on this short film on Youtube, and obviously related to it…although its a much more severe case! And it made me think quite a lot about the different things you can do with sound and the affect it can have on the audience’s experience of  a film.


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