161MC Coursework Task 1

Online Identity


For 161 we had to create an identity and ‘brand’ ourselves by making a logo…





Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 20.09.09


Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 20.08.18

Semiotic Analysis…

I chose ‘Harmer Productions’ because Harmer isn’t a common surname, so the production name hasn’t been used before. I found that we have a family crest, and the red lines in the logo are taken from the main part of the crest, which links with the production name. I simplified it by turning it into a line drawing using paintbrush tools in Photoshop, keeping them rough and with a hand drawn look. The colour red stands out while the white and black compliment it subtly so it’s not too bright. Although the colour red has a lot of different connotations, I chose it because it’s striking and also matches the colour of the family crest. The design is minimalist with little ‘fuss’ which makes it easy to remember, and the colours shapes and font all combine to form a house style which can be replicated across different platforms, as demonstrated in the above pictures, which help to form a defined online identity. I used a non Serif font in a hand written style because it looks more artistic and ‘drawn’ rather than being refined and neat, which I feel connotes a sense of creativity.
A red line drawing with a white background is similar to the English flag, and being based in England, I think the logo has an air of patriotism which I think is quite important in the media; a lot of American companies have logos that connote America and the USA so it tells the audience quite a lot about the nature of the productions and also where the company is based.
The logo is simple with no textual information apart from the name, I chose to do this because I feel that when production logos are used at the beginning of films the more successful ones are the simplest, as they are easier to remember. The only thing people need to take away from it is the production name, the house style is also important as it helps people to draw links between the logo in a piece of media and perhaps the website or Facebook page.
I looked at various production logos for inspiration when I was creating my own, many of them are just text in fonts specifically designed for the logo, some have very simple graphics relating to the production name. I wanted to make mine look hand drawn rather than sleek because to me it looks more creative, I personally prefer things that are a bit rough round the edges rather than neat and defined and it’s often how I work so I feel like the logo is an accurate representation of my creative style as well. I wanted to step away from shiny graphics with drop shadows and smooth three-dimensional shapes because that would be a false representation of the kind of work I am interested in producing, and my style of working. Many production logo’s particularly the well known ones such as Warner Brothers are very neat and three dimensional.
I’m not entirely happy with my logo design, I think it probably takes much longer than one term to come up with a lasting brand identity, and I’m not sure I will take this particular design any further, but will instead use the skills I’ve learned throughout the course of this module and try to develop something else in the future. A lot of other logo’s for production companies, be them bigĀ conglomeratesĀ or independent filmmakers, tend to have a very different look and style, and although it’s important to be unique and create your own personal identity through the logo and self branding, I’d like to make something a bit more conventional. I think the logo is ok for a first attempt but it’s not something I’m interested in developing.

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