Sleeping Beauty Modernised 161 Coursework Task 3

Modernised Fairy Tale- Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Modernised from Natasha Harmer on Vimeo.

We decided as a group that we wanted to do something similar to a video we saw in the lecture; the story of the birth of Jesus comprised of screen captures using Web 2.0 to modernise the story. I then played around online and came up with a way to tell the story, and we storyboarded a few ideas along the lines of how the original story goes. 

I’ve set this in France because the original Sleeping Beauty story, not the Disney or Brothers Grimm version, was written and set in France. However it doesn’t state where, so I just picked some random places. We decided we wanted to add some humour, the original story is quite dark but we wanted to develop it in a more lighthearted way. Along with modernising the telling of the story we decided to incorporate a few hints at a modernisation of the characters as well, most of which are light hearted mick-takes of society. For example when ‘Prince Philip’ is on Facebook, he ends up watching a video of a cat in the sink, youtube videos of cats are very popular so we thought this would be quite a funny thing to add to it.

I think we managed to cover quite a lot of Web 2.0 elements, when we storyboarded as a group we went through a list of the different elements and then when it came to making the piece I tried to incorporate as many as possible.

We managed to follow the story pretty well; in our story she was pricked by a safety pin while driving which made her swerve and crash, the prince slays a dragon to get to her and they get married almost as soon as his kiss wakes her up. We researched the origins of the fairy tale as well as the contemporary story to try and cover as much of the main points as possible, and overall I think the video is quite good.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty Modernised 161 Coursework Task 3

      1. Ah I see 🙂 It’s a very clever thing telling a fairy tale through use of the web – very cool – so nice job to you and your group.


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