Tate Modern Visit

483550_10200420270292373_970981207_nI’ve never been a Tate fan, ever since the trips to the Tate in GCSE and A-level art. I’ve always been an artistic person, and paint regularly in my spare time but I’ve never liked much of the art I’ve seen in the Tate. I feel like I should be walking around the Tate stroking my chin and staring at the pieces for hours in inspired wonderment but I just can’t! Some of the pieces have only made it in there because the person who made them was the first to do it…like the person who was in the Turner Prize with a series of screwed up pieces of paper hanging from the ceiling. I suppose though it just mans that we all have a fall back option if our careers don’t pan out…slap some paint on a canvas, or better still paint it plain red with a brown stripe down the middle and bang! you’re a successful artist. I swear some of the work in the Tate could be done by a toddler. If you can throw paint at a canvas and then bullshit a good back story then you’re there.

You can’t force yourself to be inspired by things if you’re just not. And walking around the Tate I couldn’t help but feel like because I’m studying within a creative industry I’m expected to think everything in the Tate is amazing, but I just can’t force myself. The kind of art that inspires me personally are pieces that are visually amazing, well constructed and that show intricate detail and most of all talent. As an oil painter myself I love oil paintings, be them portraits, landscapes or otherwise, such as this one:


It’s almost photographically realistic with such smooth and intricate detail. This is the kind of art that inspires me and makes me think. This kind of thing doesn’t so much inspire me as a filmmaker but as a painter which I suppose wasn’t the point of this trip but there we are! As far as filmmaking is concerned, art really doesn’t inspire me, or have much of an impact on my work.


Surprisingly I was very interested by this piece, and a couple of others that were similar. This did get me thinking about film, particularly with set design and creating spaces. I love how with this you can almost imagine the character that lives there even without reference to them. Just the way its set up and the decoration says a lot about the story behind it and looking at it I found myself coming up with narratives and characters, using my imagination. I love anything like this, with lots of attention to detail but also with room for you to use your imagination and think outside the box a little bit. The decoration and ‘props’ are all important to building character and making the audience think visually. Our group documentary is about Meera’s grandfather who has traveled from India to visit his family. He went from having a lot of financial difficulty to being very well off and successful through hard work, and his story is emotional and inspiring. We want the environment in which we film to be homey and warm as it’s supposed to reflect the importance of family, we have thought about props such as photographs and/or ornaments and are planning to set up a space within the home.



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