160MC Documentary

on-setAs a group we have decided on a subject to do for the documentary. Meera’s Grandfather is traveling from India this weekend and we plan to film the documentary at her home where he is staying.

• What do you want to say about your character? – Meera has told us a lot about his story, and he wrote her a letter detailing his experiences which we have heard. He gave an amazing quote about everyone being put on this Earth with a purpose, and in doing this documentary we are trying to show how he came to terms with difficulties in life, and went on to fullfil his purpose even when the outlook didn’t look good.

• What is the editorial hook or angle? – We will mainly be looking at old photographs, and it will be a reflective, warm and uplifting piece. We pan to use some alternative techniques like stop motion animation showing piles of money growing and/or getting smaller as a visual description of his financial struggle.

• How are you organising each other as a research team? – We are all working together to come up with ideas for visuals and editing style, Meera has been able to give us most of the information about her grandfather as she knows it already. As a group we have then taken the information and researched the time period in which he was growing up to get an idea of what life was like in India at that time. In our spare time we talk on Facebook using a group so we can upload things and discuss ideas, and we meet up regularly in uni to talk in person.

• What is the heart of this story that can be told in 3 minutes? – The heart of the story is how our subject overcame obstacles and difficulties, and also self doubt, in order to achieve and essentially go from rags to riches. His quote saying that everyone is born with a purpose will form the core of the documentary and will be the opening and closing line, as it sums up his story and is very powerful.

• Why would this idea appeal to your intended audience? – Its optimistic and uplifting, and for the intended audience, perhaps people struggling to make ends meet or to achieve it will be an insight into how its done, but also to show that it can. Its a positive piece with a powerful message.

One thought on “160MC Documentary

  1. Natasha

    Been through your blog. Cannot find your individual Proposal, Treatment or 30second clip?

    What you have written up about the group documentary is good.

    The P2P project is interesting character with stories to tell but you need to sort out a treatment to give more idea of a visual style? In the treatment there should be a sense of location, lighting, audio, pacing. In other words what will I see and hear?

    Look at it as a visual mood piece rather than a biography.

    Can you make sure all the work with me is put under a 160T2 category. Also cannot find reflection for MPE or Tate? Let me know.


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