My Poetic Eyes

My Poetic Eyes from Natasha Harmer on Vimeo.

For the My Poetic Eyes assignment I decided to make a poem/video on the fur trade, as its a global issue that I am very passionate about.
I used to write poetry a lot but haven’t in a long time, so I was quite daunted by the prospect of writing poetry in a week for an assignment! However, I knocked out my poem pretty quickly, I put the video together first and then used it to inspire some words and phrases to use for the poem.

I enjoyed this project, I actually found it quite emotional as its a subject I feel very strongly about (which was the point of the assignment!) Overall I like the final thing…well as much as you can ‘like’ a graphic video of people being cruel to animals! I used titles to show ‘buzz words’ in the poem to make it more powerful and I think they worked quite well. I’ve never liked my own voice, and find it really embarrassing hearing it back but I suppose everyone’s the same!

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