160MC Treatment and 30 Second Clip

Brian Harmer, my grandad, represented England in a sport called Motorcycle Football. He played abroad representing the country and to this day has cups and awards. My three minute documentary will be about his experience playing the sport and his stories surrounding it.
In terms of visuals, I plan to avoid focusing on just basic face to face interview. I think it would be good visually to go to the places where he used to practice and play the sport, and get him to talk about it in the surroundings in which he would have played.
I will also focus on awards, old photos and any objects he has that relates to his time playing motorcycle football and integrate them into the face to face interviews to make them more interesting.
Motorcycle football is an unusual sport which many people haven’t heard of, so it perhaps would be interesting to talk a little about its history and how it came about. There’s a book about Buckinghamshire that my grandparents have which has a chapter about motorcycle football in the area, so it would be interesting to draw upon its roots.
My grandparents now live in Devon but lived most of their lives in Buckinghamshire, which is where he would’ve played the sport, so in terms of visuals I plan to shoot it in Buckinghamshire in and around the area they lived, possibly with voice over instead of having him in each shot, showing the surroundings so that I could get a real sense of reflection and reminiscence in the piece. It would be more interesting than watching a simple interview, and would also generate the right atmosphere; I think its important when making a documentary like this about an important part of someone’s life to get them in a position where they can really remember.

This 30 second clip is one I found on Youtube, and its some old footage of motorcycle football. My grandad is not in this video and I can find very little coverage on it online. But this gives an idea of what it was:

2 thoughts on “160MC Treatment and 30 Second Clip

  1. Your approach to the treatment gives me a sense of what I will see and hear. Well done. Its worth doing this later in the year since you have opted for another project.


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