162MC Update

I managed to email the updated version of the Public Liability Insurance certificate to the person in charge of the shopping centre in which we want to film. She replied to me promptly saying we have permission! That means everything is now organised and sorted; we have three great actors, a location, props, costume and equipment all sorted.

We are filming on Sunday and are hoping to get it all done in one day. The whole film (which will probably be around 5 minutes in total) is set in just one location; an elevator, so it shouldn’t take long to shoot at all. We don’t want our actors hanging around if they’re not needed, so we are going to devise a shooting schedule and a shooting script in the order that we intend to film. This will prevent any delays or confusion when filming and will mean we can just run through it smoothly. We want to film each scene several times, using different shots and getting the actors to do and say different things. This will not only mean we have plenty of footage to choose from when editing, but will also mean that all six of our individual edits are likely to be unique.

Today we had a pre-production meeting as a group, and we talked about our plans. We then went through the script and acted out the lines. We decided that the dialogue is fundamental to the film as its all set in one very cramped location, so its pretty much dialogue focussed. We have been lucky enough to organise two very good actors for the lead roles who will be able to improvise to an extent as well. We ran through the dialogue and made changes in order to make it more natural and ultimately as sharp and funny as possible.

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