162MC script

Int. living room. night
CHRIS is sitting on the sofa in a large living room. He’s a man of middle age, with thinning grey hair and wrinkled skin. He is wearing a thick plaid lumberjack coat over grubby blue jeans. The room is large, and the decoration lacks a woman’s touch. A deer’s head is mounted on the far wall, next to a glass gun cabinet.
He is flicking through the TV channels. Eventually he falls asleep.
About half an hour passes, there is a loud knocking at the front door. CHRIS wakes up. He stumbles to the front door and opens it.
ext. doorstep. night
ANDREW is breathing heavily. He is clutching his side, blood has seeped between his fingers.
Please…help me!
CHRIS steps out to put an arm around Andrew and help him in.
CHRIS helps ANDREW to the sofa and sits him down.
Stay here
int. hallway. night
CHRIS runs down the hallway from the living room to the kitchen.
int. kitchen. night
CHRIS fumbles around in one of the drawers and takes out an old kitchen towel. He heads back to the living room.
CHRIS presses the towel against the wound to stop the bleeding.
What happened?
Some kind of…animal, I think. I was jogging in the woods, it came out of nowhere.
There ain’t nothing out there that could do this to a grown man, son! You’re in shock
CHRIS shakes his head and removes the towel to look at the wound. Its stopped bleeding and appears to be healing already. 
Looks like you’re gonna be OK. Stay here for the night, I’ll go and get a blanket.
Thanks for your help, but I think I’ll be OK…I should get home…my wife, the baby’s due any time.
ANDREW is mumbling and swaying slightly, clearly delirious.
Hegets up to leave.
I can’t let you leave son…
CHRIS picks up a heavy glass vase from the table.
ANDREW is making his way to the door, staggering and clutching his side in pain.
CHRIS lifts the vase and brings it down on ANDREWS head. ANDREW falls to the floor unconscious.
It’s a full moon.
CHRIS shuts the door and takes a length of rope from a drawer. He ties Andrew’s hands and feet and drags him to the hall.
CHRIS drags ANDREW down the hall until he reaches the door that leads down to the basement. He opens the door and drags ANDREW in.
int. basement stairway. night
CHRIS walks slowly down the stairs backwards, dragging ANDREW with him. He’s muttering angrily under his breath.
Fade to black.
ext. porch. morning
Some time has passed, it is now morning.
CHRIS is sitting on a bench at the front of the house, looking out towards the woods.
ADA emerges from the trees, wearing nothing but an old blanket that looks like its been outside for a while. She walks towards him slowly. She has twigs and leaves in her hair, and blood round her mouth.
CHRIS stands as she approaches, takes off his jacket and drapes it over her shoulders. ADA smiles.
int. living room. morning
CHRIS hands ADA a cup of coffee and a plate of toast that had been waiting for her.
They sit on the sofa together, not touching.After a long silence CHRIS speaks
What the hell were you thinking?! You’re damn lucky he came here and didn’t run into town!
I…I’m sorry.
We can’t afford for anyone to get away! How long d’ya think it’d be before the press were out here sniffing around eh?!
There’s a pause as they both think.
I said I’m sorry.
Fade to black.
int. living room. late evening
ADA is now dressed and CHRIS has changed. They are sitting at the dining table together. ADA looks out the window at the emerging full moon and stands up.
ADA squeezes CHRIS’ shoulder as she walks towards the door to leave.
CHRIS gets up, turns off the TV and goes to the gun cabinet. He takes out a rifle and loads it.
He sighs and glances briefly out the window at the full moon and darkening sky.
There’s a crash from the basement
andrew (o.s)
CHRIS cocks the gun, takes one last look up at the full moon, and walks down the hall to the basement door.

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