Another Earth-Review


On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.

I was keen to check out some more of Brit Marling’s work after being very impressed by Sound of My Voice. Like Sound of My Voice, Brit wrote Another Earth along with director Mike Cahill, showing yet again her profound ability in writing striking and unusual drama.

Stunning cinematography and visuals in Another Earth.
Stunning cinematography and visuals in Another Earth.

The concept is very interesting; what would you do if you knew that up there in space there was another you? Its an interesting question, and its always a good sign when a film gets you thinking.
Brit gives another outstanding performance very different to her part in Sound of My Voice. She’s much quieter and pensive in this, not only conveying the grief and guilt felt by her character very well, but also showing that she is very dynamic as an actress.
The unusual chemistry between Rhoda and John (played by William Mapother) is beautiful and very moving; both very talented actors are directed perfectly. Its one of those “movie relationships” that you end up rooting for…it reminded me a lot of how I felt watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Lisbeth’s lovely but rather odd relationship with Blomkvist.?????????????????????????????????????????????????
The slow progression and the quiet pensiveness that this film has is enthralling and beautiful to watch, aided of course by the cinematography. It raises a number of moral questions and dilema’s left for the audience to decipher and ponder…the story is tied up, and the ending is satisfying yet it still leaves these issues open for thought.
If you had the opportunity to meet yourself in a parallel universe, and try to undo the things you most regret…would you? 


2 thoughts on “Another Earth-Review

  1. The lead actor is very different here than he was as the violent ex husband in In the Bedroom. Was it a conscious decision to feature these two films so close to each other in your posts?


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