Angel Heart – Review


Harold Angel has a new case; to find a man named Johnny Favourite. Except things aren’t quite that simple.

Angel Heart is a thriller that blends mystery and fantasy with action and suspense. It boasts a great cast all round from smaller bit-parts to Mickey Rourke’s leading role.

Rourke gives a phenomenal performance, it reminded me a little of Johnny Depp in Secret Window; the character slowly realisingmickey-rourke-angel-heart-2 that they are their own worst fear, and descending into madness. The suspense and mystery is brilliantly aided by a wonderful original soundtrack by Trevor Jones, with some very jarring and tense music.

The story keeps you guessing, I have to be honest, knowing the formula for these kinds of films I knew at the start how it’d turn out, but there are twists and surprises in the plot that constantly made me question what would happen, which is a sign of a well written film.

It has some  very satisfyingly gory moments, but all in all is quite tastefully done…it didn’t play on the gory squeamishness like many contemporary films do, seemingly unnecessarily most of the time.

There’s something about Angel Heart, I’m not quite sure what, that is different to anything of its kind that I’ve seen before. The closest film I can think of to compare it to is Se7en, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, but Se7en doesn’t have the same darkness and fantasy to it.


The way Angel Heart draws upon religion, superstition and the devil himself is quite risky but it works so well. Its creepy, and Robert De Niro couldn’t have been better cast for the role of Louis Cyphre (Lucifer…geddit?!) He’s so charismatic and down right mickey-rourke-angel-heart-5creepy, it almost sends a shiver down your spine every time he’s on screen.

Why hadn’t I heard of this before?! It definitely gets a massive thumbs up, and its one that I’d happily watch again.

2 thoughts on “Angel Heart – Review

  1. Excellent post! This is another one I’ve been meaning to revisit and keep forgetting. We just “eMet” so you’ll probably think I’m a $#@! weird-o, but I saw this when I was a teenager so I was very receptive to things – one of the things that has stuck with me for however many years is this: during the credits Rourke is riding the elevator to hell, credits, on elevator, credits, on elevator, credits, the elevator stops – pause – Rourke pokes his head around the door to see what’s in front of him. I’ve probably just weirded you out and you’ll unfollow me but – I do that all the time – *elevator doors open, I check to see what’s inside or out*

    : )


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