5 Ideas Task Revisited

Over the Christmas holidays one of our tasks is to revisit our five ideas and think about how they’d be different based on what we’ve learned so far.
I didn’t quite have five ideas when I first came to uni, but since I’ve been here I’ve had a few new ideas, one of which I’m starting to work on. I suppose being here has encouraged me to think more openly about ideas, and thus come up with a few more.

First I’ll look at the three ideas I brought to uni. The post containing these ideas in full is here: https://natashaharmeryear1.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/five-ideas-task/ but in a nutshell the ideas were as follows :

1. Sci-fi drama type film in which someone wakes up to find time has ceased to move. Filmed as a hand held video diary type film

2. Thriller in which a girl tries to solve the mystery of her sisters’ disappearance (this wasn’t really a full idea, but I have an opening scene in mind)

3. A drama about a blind girl and her guide dog.

Revisiting them now, and thinking about it I would probably scrap all but the third idea. From what I’ve learned about script writing and things I don’t think idea 1 would work…the concept and sci-fi stuff would be too complex to fully explain in a short film but the idea of it being a hand held video diary, in which the only person moving and speaking is the protagonist, really wouldn’t sustain the audience’s interest much longer than ten minutes. One thing I’ve learned is that dialogue should be kept to a minimum, and that would be very difficult in a film where action can’t really tell the story.

I still like idea 2 but all I have is the opening scene in my head, and I don’t know the full story. Its something I could easily write but to be honest its a bit “safe” and unimaginative…and probably done to death too! It could look nice, particularly the opening scene I have in mind which would be visually pleasing, but I’m not convinced by the idea.

Idea three I am keen to develop, I love drama films and if I ever become a film maker or writer this is the area I would most like to focus on. I don’t think the idea of a character study of a person and their guide dog has been done before…correct me if I’m wrong…and although there are lots of things similar, I’m really taken by the story and am really keen to write it. Plus I’m a sucker for a soppy dog film!


So that’s one idea down…four more to go!

The other night I couldn’t sleep, and I had the weirdest urge to write.  A friend gave me “The Writers Block” for my birthday, so out it came and I found something to write about.


The Writer’s Block is full of pictures, words, phrases or even small news stories designed to get you thinking outside the box. The idea is you open it on a random page and write about whatever you see. In fairness, I did flick through it for about ten minutes until I found an idea that I liked…but the book worked its magic regardless. The phrase I had was :

“Write about the journey of a five pound note and the transactions between five different people”


At first I thought it was a bit crap, but then I got thinking about it and there’s lots of room for some very interesting characters and some good dialogue. The five people can be anyone…the idea is its a very brief insight into them and their lives, their personalities and situations shown through how they both receive and spend the five pound note.

I’ve actually started writing the script for this idea…I wrote an outline and treatment the other day and have just begun writing the script. I have more than five characters but there’s five main characters, each with very different situations and personalities. I may post the idea and the script up on my blog sometime. I’m quite excited about this idea and I reckon it could make a good short film. In my head, if I was to shoot the film as well as write it, it’d be shot so that we never see the character’s faces…we’d see them from the neck down. It has the kind of feel that we’re passing through these people’s lives without really interacting with them.

There was actually a short film at the Future Shorts festival held at Cov Uni recently that has a similar idea called The Black Balloon. I hadn’t thought about it until after I’d started writing, but I’ve since been able to draw on it as inspiration.

Another idea of mine, that I’ve had for a long long time is a documentary about the fur trade. Ever since I watched The McCartney’s Vs The Fur Trade I’ve had my heart set on doing something, anything to put a stop to it. Its the one thing I feel really passionate about. I’ve always been passionate about animals, and animal cruelty is the one thing that really pisses me off…to put it bluntly…and I’ve always wanted to do something to try and put a stop to it.



Paul and Heather Mills McCartney once made a documentary about the fur trade, including harrowing undercover footage. Although it didn’t achieve much, I think its important to show people what actually goes on rather than sugar coat real issues and avoid showing them in case they cause offence.

Would I have the guts or the emotional strength to go and shoot this kind of undercover footage? Probably not. But its something that for some reason I’ve always wanted to do.

The power of film, and indeed the media itself is huge. Nothing in this world has as much impact on people as the media, and its the only way to get a point across to millions of people all at once. I do believe that it has the power to make changes to the world that an individual person could never dream of doing, and that’s partly why this is one of my five main ideas. Granted its not something that will ever feature while I’m at university, but hey! Its the only idea for a “film” that I’ve had for longer than I’ve been studying Media.

Another idea…



Postmodernism is my favourite of all media theories. I really engaged with it at Alevel and have been slightly obsessed with the concept ever since.

I don’t really have an idea in particular relating to postmodernism, but I’m inspired by films like The Truman Show, Scream and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and TV series’ like Family Guy that all embrace postmodern features. I’d love to create a postmodern film, full of clever intertextuality and hyperconsciousness like Scream. I think the horror film and parodies of the genre have been done to death and there’s no hope for anyone to ever outdo Scream, so I’ll avoid that like the plague!

One of the reasons I love Keith Lemon is because he is postmodernism personified. His fake reality show Lemon La Vida Loca is not only a parody of “reality” TV (none of which is truly a reality because its mediated by a producer) but it has formed its own little hyperreality (Baudrillard would have a field day!)

Although I don’t really have a full idea, I have a few ideas that could be combined eventually, but I’m inspired by postmodernism and postmodern media and I’m keen to create something hyperconscious.


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