The Fear – Channel 4 Review


Peter Mullan stars as Brighton crime boss turned entrepreneur Richie Beckett in Richard Cottan’s powerful four part drama that chronicles the disintegration of the criminal mind.

I stumbled upon this while I was browsing 4OD for an episode of Come Dine with Me to watch while I had time to waste, and thank God I found it!

I love Peter Mullan, I think he’s a fantastic dramatic actor, and I could listen to him talk forever! Shamefully, despite TyrannosaurThe Fear Ep 1 benjy_A2 being my favourite film, I had no idea it was him until a few minutes in. I blame the beard! Let’s be honest, he’s pretty distinct…you can’t say he has one of those faces that could be anyone, I don’t know what came over me! Anyway, I found myself suddenly more compelled by this new four part drama when I found out it was him, I know he’ll be able to carry off the role and keep it interesting.

Much of this first episode went straight over my head; I don’t understand crime talk, especially when they bring in big crimey words…so I don’t really have much of a grasp on what this is about..I think I need to re-watch the episode!
The performances were great, and its very cinematic and beautifully shot and edited. Flash back scenes in which Richie struggles to remember certain things are very well edited and visually striking.

The FearI love these kinds of TV series that are shot and edited as if they were films, much like the dramas on American entertainment channel FX (The Walking Dead, True Blood etc) and The Fear has a really pleasing and enthralling crispness about it that fits the theme and nature of the story as well as draws you in completely.

I’m looking forward to re-watching this episode, and watching the next three…its well worth a look! It has a uniqueness about it, and its definitely got me intrigued!

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