Script Treatment- Idea 2

This is the treatment for the second of my two script ideas for 162 MC

Nick pulls up in the red royal mail van, parking it on the curb. He takes off his sunglasses puts them on the dashboard and gets out. He’s young and cheerful, with a happy go lucky smile on his boyish face.

Its a sunny winter’s day, there’s a light frost on the ground and a thin mist. The neighbourhood is quiet, home to many elderly people who are no doubt still in bed. If Nick didn’t know the area so well he’d find the quiet, deserted feeling eerie.

He saunters up the path to one of the cottages, double checking the address on the parcel before knocking on the door. He’s whistling cheerfully. There’s a thud from inside followed by quick footsteps approaching the door. He tries to peer through the window at the top of the door, but its suddenly pulled open.

Nick is facing a small, elderly woman who must be in her seventies. She’s in her dressing gown and slippers, white hair done up in rollers under a pale blue hairnet. She’s breathing heavily, looking panicked. Nick puts a hand on her shoulder and asks if everything is OK. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s had to assist a panicked old lady in phoning an ambulance for her husbands morning heart attack. She’s close to tears when she asks him for help, inviting him in.

She leads him down the hall and into the small, old fashioned sitting room. The french windows leading on to the back garden have been smashed from the outside, there are shards of glass all over the floor. The small, box-like television is laying on the floor in front of the television stand and one of the chairs is upturned. Several ornaments and photo frames have been broken. Then Nick notices the body.

A young man in dark clothes is sprawled on the floor, bleeding from his head and nose. The woman explains what happened, clearly panicking. She had come downstairs upon being woken by the noise of the window smashing, she’d seen the burglar before he saw her, so she picked up a brass candle stick and hit him over the head. She thought she’d just knocked him out, so she was going to phone the police, but when she checked he wasn’t breathing, and she panicked.

Nick tries to calm her down. He doesn’t want to be a witness to a murder, so he decides he will have to help her cover this up. He tells her they will need to clear up any evidence in the house, and dispose of the body. So they set about tidying up. When all but the broken window looks back to normal, they wrap up the body in an old piece of carpet. Nick drives the van into the old lady’s garage, so they can stow away the body without being seen.

They set off, equipped with a shovel, but unsure where to go. Eventually they decide on the nearest woods. They drive in as far as they can go until the path becomes too narrow. They walk the rest of the way, Nick carrying the rolled up carpet over his shoulder. They clamber through plants until they reach somewhere off the beaten track, and begin digging a hole.

We move forward in time and Nick and the old lady are driving back. He drops her off at her house, reminding her that she needs to call someone to get her window fixed, before setting off for the depot; he’ll start early tomorrow and deliver everything he didn’t get round to delivering today. He reaches the depot, by this time its early evening and its beginning to get dark. He drives into the depot car park, but when he turns the corner he sees the flashing lights of a police car, and a police man questioning his boss at the entrance. Nick sighs, parks the van and gets out. The only way he can possibly get through this is if he just acts cool.


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