Finished Script Outlines

Based on my script pitches, I have written two outlines for my two ideas. These will then go on to help form treatments, and eventually scripts.

Idea 1

There’s a frantic knocking on the door one night, startled, Chris gets up to open it. The man on the other side is dishevelled and in pain, Chris helps him in and sits him down. The man is clutching a large wound on his side. While Chris tries to stop the bleeding, he asks the man what happened. He has a temperature and is clearly delirious  but he is adamant that he was attacked by some kind of animal. Chris tries to convince himself that the man is in shock; werewolves don’t exist, and the wound is too large to have been a dog; it must have been a person. The wound is beginning to heal already and the man’s temperature has increased. Acting without thinking Chris grabs a vase and hits the man over the head, knocking him out. He takes him down to the basement and ties him to a chair; the moon will be full again tomorrow.

We move forward in time to the following night, Chris is sitting opposite the man with a hunting rifle, the moon is full and it’s almost midnight. The mans head suddenly snaps up, showing yellow eyes and sharp teeth. Chris cocks the gun and it fades to black.

Idea 2

Nick is delivering a parcel to a cottage, so he saunters up the path and knocks on the door.  The woman who comes to the door must be in her seventies at least, she is breathless and panicking. Nick puts the parcel down on the doorstep, places a hand on the lady’s shoulder to calm her down and asks if everything’s ok. She begs him for help, so Nick follows her inside. One of the back windows, leading onto the back garden, has been smashed from the outside. The living room is a mess, the TV is halfway across the room on its side, and several ornaments have been broken. Then he notices the body. Nick knows it could cost him his job, his freedom even, if they were caught, but he can’t leave the old lady like this. Quickly he explains that they need to dispose of the body somewhere, and tidy up the house. Once its dark outside the pair of them set off in the van; equipped with shovels they plan to take the body deep into the woods and bury it.


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