Cabinet of Curiosities Task; our character

This is the character profile of our missing person, and her story;

  • Hayley Bennett
  • 19 years old
  • Lives in the Midlands
  • Sales assistant at Next, has just been offered a promotion to supervisor
  • Is saving money from her job to travel
  • Has a boyfriend
  • We meet her while everything is going well; she and her boyfriend have plans to move in together and she has been offered the promotion which will enable her to save money to travel.
  • She finds a scrap book kept by her mother and father containing train tickets, photo’s and adoption certificates-she finds out by accident that she is adopted and is angry at her parents for not telling her.
  • Using the train tickets and photo’s as an aid for her to track down where she comes from, she sets off trying to locate the orphanage in the hopes of finding her birth parents.
  • Along the way she goes missing; we’re undecided as to how she goes missing, but maybe her birth parents are dodgy and it turns out her adoptive parents kept it a secret from her to protect her. So when she finds her real parents they abduct her.

We found some pictures on Google of what we think our character and her boyfriend would look like;

There’s an adoption and fostering service in Birmingham, which we’ve decided will be where she was adopted from. A lot of our collections include train tickets, which we thought would be one of the ways she could track down her real parents.

I created Facebook pages for our character and her boyfriend to make them more realistic and believable.


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