Outline for Script Ideas

Out of the three pitches that I wrote for short film ideas, I’ve chosen two which I will write outlines for. I can’t decide between the two, so I will write out both and get feedback. I’ve chosen 1 and 3, they were:

1. There’s a knock at the door in the middle of the night, and Chris is confronted with a frantic, injured stranger. He allows the stranger to come in, and he tries to tend to his wounds, however the man doesn’t know what attacked him, and he’s adamant it wasn’t human.

3. Nick is out on his usual morning post delivery when he knocks on the door of an elderly woman. She answers, looking panicked and breathing heavily. He asks if everything is ok, and is soon dragged into a situation that could not just cost him his job, but his freedom as well.

Here are their outlines…

1.Chris is alone in his living room watching television when there’s a frantic knocking at the door. Suspicious but otherwise unperturbed, he gets up to answer the door. He peers briefly through the window at the top of the door before immediately opening it and inviting the man inside. The man is disheveled and in pain, he is holding a wound on his side and his hands are bloody. Chris helps him to the sofa where he sits him down. While he attempts to stop the bleeding, Chris asks the man to explain what happened. The man is hazy and doesn’t quite remember, he is babbling and his temperature is rising, he is adamant he was attacked by some kind of creature, saying he remembered yellow eyes and dark, thick fur. Chris decides not to take this seriously; the man is obviously in shock, but when he looks at the wound, he notices it’s healing already, and the cuts are like deep scratches. Unsure what to do, Chris continues to question the man about the attack, when he suggests calling an ambulance the man refuses. Within a few minutes the man is in less pain, the wounds are healing and he is able to speak normally. He thanks Chris and says he’ll be fine once he’s slept it off, but Chris is reluctant to let him leave. He chides himself for being superstitious; werewolves don’t exist! Acting without thinking, Chris grabs a heavy vase, smashes it across the mans head knocking him out and takes him down to the basement where he ties him up; the moon will be full again tomorrow.

We move forward in time to the following night, Chris is sitting opposite the man tied in the basement with a hunting rifle, the moon is full and it’s almost midnight. The mans head suddenly snaps up, showing yellow eyes and sharp teeth. Chris cocks the gun and it fades to black.


Nick parks the red Royal Mail van on the curb and jumps out. He has a parcel for the cottage opposite, so he saunters up the path and knocks on the door. There is movement from inside, banging and loud footsteps, and the door is thrown open. The woman must be in her seventies at least, she is breathless and panicking. Nick puts the parcel down on the doorstep, places a hand on the lady’s shoulder to calm her down and asks if everything’s ok. “Please help me,” she begs, “I don’t know what to do!” Nick follows her inside, bringing the parcel with him and placing it on the table.  He notices that one of the back windows, leading onto the back garden, has been smashed from the outside. The living room is a mess, the TV is halfway across the room on its side, and several ornaments have been broken. Then he notices the body. He stands in shocked silence, and the woman explains. “It was an accident, I only meant to scare him away! What do I do?” she asks franticly, tears in her eyes. Nick knows it could cost him his job, his freedom even, if they were caught, but he can’t leave the old lady like this. Quickly he explains that they need to dispose of the body somewhere, and tidy up the house. They set about clearing up the evidence and deciding what to do with the body. Once its dark outside the pair of them set off in the van, equipped with shovels they plan to take the body deep into the woods and bury it.


One thought on “Outline for Script Ideas

  1. Hi Natasha,
    Your pitches are really engaging & well written which has given you a lot of scope to take the ideas further in your outlines. Its good to see that you’ve explored two ideas rather than take the easy option of choosing just one. For me the second is the more intriguing one – my preconceptions of the old lady being the victim were flipped and that immediately makes me want to find out more – we also identify with the postman and the situation he finds himself in. In contrast – while its nicely written, the 1st idea seems more conventional and typical of the horror genre, I would suggest trying to play around a little with the horror conventions and perhaps encourage the reader to question both of the characters if you do decide to develop that one further.


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