Pitches for Script Ideas

Here are the three pitches for my script ideas.

1. There’s a knock at the door in the middle of the night, and Chris is confronted with a frantic, injured stranger. He allows the stranger to come in, and he tries to tend to his wounds, however the man doesn’t know what attacked him, and he’s adamant it wasn’t human.

2. David answers the frantic knocks, and is faced with a tearful teenage girl who say’s she’s been kidnapped. He lets her in, feeds her and comforts her, deciding to let her rest and go to the police in the morning. However, as she tells her story he recognises her from the news; she’d been held for ransom, and her wealthy father was willing and able to pay the £1000,000 requested for her release. With a terminally ill wife, and a son desperate to go to university, David must decide whether to help the girl, or hold her to ransom himself.

3. Nick is out on his usual morning post delivery when he knocks on the door of an elderly woman. She answers, looking panicked and breathing heavily. He asks if everything is ok, and is soon dragged into a situation that could not just cost him his job, but his freedom as well.


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