Cabinet of Curiosities

I’ve posted the cabinet of curiosities that I put together over the summer, however having had the workshop introducing us to the Cabinet of Curiosities task I feel I should add to it, so here are some more images/collections.

Collection 1; paintings.
I do a lot of painting in my spare time, so have quite a few paintings (most of them have been given away, but I keep photos!) Here’s a few in my collection; 
^ The current one I’m working on, an Owl.

Collection 2; My blog.
I kept a blog and religiously reviewed every film I watched for just over a year before I had to create this blog for uni…now I don’t have time to update both. Its kind of a collection of all the films I watched over the past year
Here’s some screen shots;

Collection 3: Concerts and Events. I’ve got lots of photos and videos from concerts and things that I’ve been to in the past. Here’s some pics and videos from the most recent event, Beautiful Days. A festival in Devon, just down the road from where I live. This is my favourite collection of images because of John Lydon, who’s band PiL performed on one of the nights.


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