160 MC Cabinet of Curiosities task

In groups, we are combining ideas from each of our cabinets of curiosities to form a character. They will have to become like real people, with likes and dislikes; the only catch being that they have become a missing person, and we must be able to glean facts and information about what might have happened to them.

As a group we are beginning to come up with ideas based on our cabinets.

Here is my cabinet of curiosities;

I don’t have many collections, however until the start of this course when I had to start a new blog, I did regularly write on a personal blog where I would review every film I watched. I’ve been writing on it since October last year, so I suppose its a collection of sorts!


Other group members have collections of train tickets and concert tickets, and we are all quite arty and creative. Here are some pictures of other group members’ collections:

We all have similar collections and interests, most of which we are intending to include when creating our character.
So far we have decided that our character will be a girl of around 18 – 19 years old. She is creative and interested in art and animals. We are thinking of ways to introduce the idea of train tickets to our missing person; some of the ideas we have had are as follows:

  • She runs away from home, but leaves some receipts for train and bus tickets behind which are used to try and track her down
  • She finds out something about her past from a scrap book or box that her parents have kept and she uses train and bus tickets that they’ve collected to find her way somewhere significant.
  • She goes to a concert with a friend and goes missing.
  • She is abducted on a train/at a train station.

We aren’t yet decided on the full back story of our character, but have been discussing ideas and using our cabinets of curiosities to start a story.


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