Cockneys vs Zombies review

A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of zombie-infested London.

Cockneys Vs Zombies is a hilarious blend of Shaun of the Dead and comedy-gangster films like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Full of over the top, but ultimately very funny performances and lots of blood its sure to be a hit with Shaun of the Dead fans.

Cockneys-vs-zombies1Most of the hilarity is in the script, which is probably quite dull without the exaggerated cockney accents. The best and funniest performance by far is that of Alan Ford, who plays war-hardened grandad Ray. In fact, I think the OAP’s outshone the younger actors in this case, with some laugh out loud scenes; particularly one where we watch an man struggle away from a zombie in his zimmer frame.
There’s an obvious element of parody, which is very blatant but quite amusing. Terry exclaims “He’s eating a foot! Fucking disgusting” as the group watch a zombie chewing on a severed leg, and there are many jokes about how slow zombies move.
I personally found it highly entertaining; its even quite well filmed despite not taking itself at all seriously. The acting is by no in-cockneys-vs-zombies-2means great, but the over the top style, with exaggerated cockney accents aids the humour.

There are some tasteless scenes, so its not recommended for anyone who takes things to heart, or is easily offended. This scene is a prime example of how the film pushes the boundaries…

While ultimately this is very funny, with the irony of the billboard advertising a child cruelty charity, I can see why some slightly more fragile audience members would be offended.

I think you have to have a particular mind set to find this entertaining, and if you don’t like gore this probably isn’t for you! Much of the humour is reminiscent of films like Dog House and Severance; which use the British sense of humour to make scenes of gore actually quite amusing (funnily enough, after doing some research, I learned that writer James Moran also wrote Severance).
I enjoy this kind of film as it is, and this although by no means original, is a good laugh. Worth a watch if you’ve enjoyed other similar films…its just a bit of fun!


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