Four Week Project

This is my groups four week film project, called Samaritan

Critical Analysis

The best part about our short film is the cinematography. We all worked together, combining our strengths to compose visually effective and pleasing shots. We assigned roles based on the strengths of our group members, choosing someone particularly talented in camerawork to be camera operator. We made use of depth of field, image composition, lighting and mise-en-scene to make the film as visually beautiful as we could.

One of the shots I’m most proud of is the long shot of both the characters, with the corner of an open bible at the bottom of the shot and in the foreground. I like the use of depth of field and think it looks really effective. I also like the establishing shot of the inside of the church. I think we used location well, and definitely made the most of the beauty of some of the locations; namely the church. The only shots I particularly dislike are the last two. It was too dark when we got around to shooting the ending, and I think it would have looked better overall had we spent a bit more time on it, and shot it while it was still light outside.

Our skills instruction sessions helped greatly with this project as we were able to gain a firm understanding of how to use the equipment before we went out to film. We were then able to operate and set up equipment effectively on the day, and didn’t waste time trying to figure things out. Overall I think our shoots ran smoothly, especially the second one when we were more efficient with the equipment.

Where the film falls down is the story; although it made sense on paper, and in our heads, we struggled to convey the story and I think we could have benefitted from a few extra hours of filming, and thus a few more shots. I think its a bit too complex perhaps for the length of the film, so it was difficult to get all the information in that we needed. On reflection we should probably have set aside more time to film and think about how we were going to convey the story.

We had many setbacks, from actors texting to say they’re ill an hour before filming to the location being unavailable when we needed it; it was a close call and we weren’t sure we’d have a film at all! We only shot the film on Tuesday, and finished editing on Friday, the day of screening. So it was all quite tight, and personally I think it looks pretty good all things considered!

During the screening we also saw the work of everyone else on our course. It was a useful exercise, as we were all able to draw inspiration from others’ work, as well as reflect critically on our own.



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