Sons of Anarchy review

A man in his early 30’s struggles to find a balance in his life between being a new dad, and his commitment to a motorcycle club.

I’m currently watching series 5 of Sons of Anarchy, and unlike many television shows I have followed in the past, Sons is yet to disappoint.

images (1)The atmosphere and the characters remain very much the same as the first series. One of the things I love about Sons is that new main characters are seldom introduced, and when they are they are introduced slowly, so you always feel like you know the characters well at all times. I also love the use of several different genre’s; the mix of crime-thriller and family drama means that if you’re like me and talk of drugs, crime and guns goes straight over your head, you can still enjoy the drama.

The story is obviously fantastically well written, and the characters all have such interesting back stories making them believable and relatable.

sons_of_anarchy-11723Another thing I love about Sons is the subversion of the female role. Usually, particularly in films or TV series’ where the men are hyper-masculine, the women are represented as weak subordinates. However, shown through the leading lady Gemma’s character, the women in Sons are far from weak. It lives up to the ideology that behind every successful man is a strong woman, and that’s quite nice to see. Even when Gemma is at her most vulnerable, she remains very strong, and that’s a definite change to representation norms.

The Sons of Anarchy, otherwise known as SAMCRO, are an outlaw group of “Harley enthusiasts” who deal arms for money. The representation of American Law officials is far from good; with the chief of police regularly working closely with the Sons to cover up their tracks and keep them out of trouble. This is ultimately quite a risky portrayal, but one that has been used quite regularly in film and television.

Kurt Sutter spent a lot of time researching motorcycle club behavior and values, spending time with The Hells Angels to help him come up with ideas for the show. This is reflected in the series itself, because its so well written. Its obvious that Sutter has done a lot of research, and draws from real life.

Everything about Sons of Anarchy for me is fantastic. The way its filmed, the writing, the acting and even the soundtrack. There’sSons-of-Anarchy something there for everyone. All ages and genders are represented, making the text accessible to all. Quite often shows like this are very male oriented, however women are represented a lot in Sons, and many of the key female characters are strong as opposed to the conventional weak woman. Gemma makes the show accessible to older women, while Tara makes it appeal to younger women including mums with small children, and there are plenty of young women throughout the show that help to break up the male dominance. It has been observed that texts appeal more to an audience that are represented within it, and Sons of Anarchy covers all bases.

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