Five Ideas Task

Over the summer we were asked to come up with five project ideas; some film ideas that we could work on during our course. So far I only have three full, thought about ideas, but here they are…

Idea 1: I had this kind of “out there” idea a while back, and although I’ve no idea yet where it could go or what the narrative could be, I think it would be an interesting concept.
It would be sort of a sci-fi drama, and it’d be a hand held, diary style film. The plot that I had in mind was a person wakes up one morning and time has stopped. They are the only seemingly “living” or conscious person, everyone else in the world is frozen in whatever activity they were doing when time ceased to move. The story would follow the adventure of the protagonist.
It would have a similar feel and atmosphere to post apocalyptic films like 28 Days Later, just without the zombies. Instead the “virus” would be that time has stopped and everyone is frozen.
That’s as far as this idea goes at the moment, although I’ve thought about venturing further into sci-fi and maybe make it a little more sinister than just time stopping.

I was inspired by this “flashmob” video on Youtube:

I was trying to come up with ways that this sort of concept could be executed and a friend who I was discussing it with suggested this video as an idea.
I’ve also thought about how the film would reach the audience, and I feel that if done correctly it could really mess with people’s minds. Films like Paranormal Activity, that claim to be real but are released as feature films in the cinema don’t really have the same effect, so I thought that if it was released onto Youtube, it could really mess with people.
I like the idea of creating a kind of little postmodern network on Youtube or some kind of social networking site, in which the protagonist of the film could upload the video, making people believe its real; like a mini hyper-reality.
For it to work I think it would need to be set in a large city, or somewhere heavily populated so its more believable, it would have to involve a lot of people all willing to stand completely still…unless there was some way to freeze the images of people around.
Idea 2: My second idea for a project is something that I’ve attempted to story board before. I actually drew a pretty good one, but I think I threw it in the bin by accident. So at some point I will try again!
I mainly have an opening scene in mind, which I have thought up in detail. It would be a drama/thriller, perhaps crime but not massively so.
The opening shot would be a long shot of two girls playing together in a corn field. The camera would be at quite a low angle so that they are just visible above the golden corn swaying in the wind; depth of field techniques would be used to alter what the audience sees…so at one point the corn would be in focus, and then the focus would be on the girls. There would be a cut with a slight, subtle fade transition, and the shot would change to close ups of each of the girls faces. They would be spinning/skipping around in a circle holding hands and smiling, and the shots would be slowed down. The shots would fade from one to the other, showing each of the girls in turn. There would also be close ups of their hands.
For the duration of this opening there would be slow piano music; almost forshadowing something bad..starting off cheerful but becoming slowly more dramatic. The penultimate shot of the opening scene would be a low shot of the hem of one of the girl’s dresses, at the same height as the first shot; showing the corn, but close to the girls. When her dress moves, we see an extreme long shot of a figure who is standing in the distance watching them. This is when the piano music builds more dramatically.
The girls, who don’t notice that they’re being watched, begin to play hide and seek, the whole scene is slowed down, so we don’t hear them talk, its all very peaceful and the piano music covers most of the sound; slowed down laughter and birdsong would be audible too. More close ups of their faces, one of them covers her eyes while the other runs away, still slowed down. As the girl with her eyes covered begins to count (her counting is audible, but soft and slowed down, just audible over the music) there’s a piercing scream. The music stops and the girl gasps, the camera remains on her face and the shot remains slowed down, she looks shocked and afraid.
I haven’t yet decided where it could go from there, but I was thinking perhaps the girl would then wake up with a gasp, as if she were dreaming about what happened. The film would follow her attempts to get her sister back and find out what happened to her. Flashbacks to the field would occur throughout. In comparison to the warm, golden colours in the opening scene, the rest of the film would be cold.

I’m thinking that this would be set perhaps in the 60’s or earlier…not the modern day. There was an ITV drama a while back called Marchlands; the scenes of the first family and the little girl who died are similar to what I have in mind. It would also be set in a rural area, with farmland around. I think it would be interesting to take this kind of thriller/drama to a more rural location as thrillers particularly are often associated with city areas.

Idea 3: My third idea, and one which I am most keen to develop is a drama based around a young girl who loses her sight, and the bond she forms with her guide dog.
I came up with this idea the other day when I was sat at the train station admiring a guide dog that was leading his owner safely to the train and was inspired by the bond between them.
A possible name for the film would be “Guide” it would be a drama, close to real life with ups and downs; not a completely cheesy happy story!
In terms of marketing and production I thought getting the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind involved (If I were to actually produce this film) would be a good idea; perhaps use one of their dogs and include the logo and the charity as a large part of the film.
It would begin with the protagonist as a child, between 8 and 10 years old. We’d see part of her normal, happy life…but then she loses her sight. Much of this part of the film would be sad and dramatic, mainly showing the protagonists depression and struggle at losing her sight. A little later in the film, when she is a bit older, the guide dog arrives and although in the story there would be ups and downs, predominantly following her struggle to come to terms with losing her sight, the presence of the dog would change her life completely; making her happy. The happier parts of the film would be shot with a warm golden tinge to keep it warm and uplifting.
The film will follow their lives, and she will grow up with the dog as her guide; at the end of the film she will be a young adult and the dog dies of old age; sort of like a Marley and Me ending. It would fade to black and in the next scene she has grown up and is  married, perhaps pregnant, and very happy; and she has a new guide dog. This scene would be brief, before the credits roll with happy, uplifting music. It would reflect the on going hard work of the people working for the guide dog charity, but also the loyalty of dogs in general…and it would prevent the ending from being too depressing!

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